Twin Falls County - Elk Mountain

On Sunday the 9th of August, Ron, Lori & I headed out to ascend the Twin Falls highpoint in the Jackpot/Jarbidge desert along the Idaho-Nevada border.  Leaving Rupert just before noon meant we'd be hungry for lunch about the time we got to Salmon Falls Dam.  After a short stop there for lunch we were soon turning off Three Creek Road to the south up Little House Creek.  The road follows a good dirt track up the sloping steps toward the Nevada border.  Following our fairly unreliable GPS guide “Martha”, we managed to continue into Nevada, past the target.  A little backtracking past the Guerry Corrals, and we soon could identify the saddle between the two highest spots in Twin Falls County.  A newer Jeep track now leads up to a radio site near the summit of the Twin Falls County High Point.  We celebrated with a beer and a signed into the summit register.  Others have been here too.

From there we headed on up Elk Mountain past Chicken Springs to some spectacular views into the Jarbidge area, Nevada and Magic Valley.   Lori & I found a lovely camp on Elk Mountain and, after some refreshments, Ron headed home from our camp.  Lori & I stayed for a peaceful night with the coyotes.  The next morning we took the short cut (4+ hours and one serious mud bog) over to Jackpot spotting a huge 4 point buck, a herd of antelope and a lot of desolate country along the way.  We then returned home looking forward to peak #9 in a couple weeks.