Canyon County

We met at the Brick 29 Bistro in downtown Nampa for Sunday Brunch on March 1st, 2015.  After enjoying an excellent buffett, the seven of us proceeded south from Nampa and on toward Pickles Butte on Missouri Avenue.  At the end of the road, the area turns into an extensive ATV area that was occupied by a large band of sheep.  We navigated some deep ruts and geared down to four wheel drive on the last little pitch to the top of the butte.  We arrived at the summit at about 1:20 p.m., where the view to the southwest of the Owhyee Mountains was quite beautiful.  We looked around a little bit and located a survey benchmark, but no other remarkable features.  Lake Lowell and the Boise foothills were visible to the north and east.  It was a little breezy on top the butte, but really quite nice for the first day of March.

From there we descended off the west side of the butte and circled around to the south and returned to Missouri Avenue.  From there, off to the wineries of Sunnyslope.  Another good day for Idaho 44!