Payette County - County Line Knob

After attending the wedding of Rollie Jones and Meredith Toevs in McCall, Lori and I decided to take the backroads home between Council and Emmett to explore the Payette County high point.  It was Monday, November 30th and a cold but not unbearable day.  I had always wanted to take the drive through Indian Valley, where the state of Idaho has considered building an alternative route north from Boise.  After driving through Indian Valley, we headed on south on Riley Butte Road through Washington County, and some rolling ranch lands bordered by mountains to the east. 

On arriving near the Payette county line, we finally found the jeep track off of Four Mile road that took us up a ridge to the high point.  It was a rocky road, made somewhat more difficult with several inches of blown snow in places.  After cresting the prominent knob still inside Washington county, the Payette high pointwas clearly in view a few hundred yards south.  We drove right to the spot, which agreed with the GPS inputs we had programmed earlier. It was overcast, slightly breezy and cold, but we did walk around an touch all of the prominent rocks, confirming high point #15 at 12:45.  From there we headed to Emmett for lunch and then on home.  Over one third of Idaho's high point are now complete.

Payette County High point 002.JPG