Jefferson County - Kelly Mountain

After camping at Wolf Flats along the Snake River east of Heise Hot Springs, we loaded up the camper and headed up Kelly Canyon past the ski area.  It was Sunday, October 25, but a fair amount of outdoor activity was occurring in this eastern Idaho area.  We parked at the “Y” parking lot and headed up a gated road toward the top of the Kelly Mountain ski area.  We first headed southeast to a summit and radio tower site where views toward the east were quite good.  From there we could see the ridge behind the ski area where the high point was located.  With a little bushwhacking, we finally cut the ATV trail that traverses the Kelly Mountain ridge near the high point. 

A little wandering around the brush and we found the refrigerator sized rock that is apparently the highest point on the ridge, and the high point for Jefferson County in the extreme south east corner of the county.  It was 12:30, and an hour and twenty minutes from the Jeep. We had snacks and loaded up back to the Jeep, passing a couple of joggers out for Sunday exercise.  The return to the Jeep only took 55 minutes on a more direct route.  Soon we were enjoying Pizza at Heise Hot Springs Resort, where we met a man that needed help getting his car unstuck from a steep slide off just above the ski area.  The Jeep winch made quick work of the task, and we headed home.