Owyhee County - Cinnabar Mountain/Hayden Peak

For a southwest Idaho outing, Lori and I headed to Bruneau Dunes State Park, an Owyhee County highlight,  where we camped for the night on October 17th.  A rainy evening brought an interesting fog over the dunes the next morning. 

bruneau dunes.JPG

From there we headed to Silver City and the Owyhee Mountains.  We had lunch at the Idaho Hotel & Bar, where they were in the process of closing for the season.  An interesting visit with the owners advised that it would take us an hour and a half to reach Hayden Peak from there, so we headed to camp and set up the trailer. 

Silver City Masonic Hall.JPG

From there a good gravel road took us toward War Eagle Mountain and the Silver City mining area. We followed on, using topo and dead reckoning, toward Cinnabar Mountain in a dense cloud of fog. Catching views of stunning country to the south we traversed Turntable Moutain on the southside and on toward Hayden peak, finally catching the 4WD road to the peak, arriving at 3:10 p.m. in a dense fog. We found the summit register packed with entries, and decided not to add.  We circled the whole area, and decided to return on a clearer day. From there we returned to Silver City and camp on a very wet night.