Franklin County - The Felt Hat

On October 12, 2015, after driving to Lava Hot Springs the evening before, Lori and I headed through Grace, Idaho and onto the trail head for the Franklin County high point at Danish Pass in the Cache National Forest.  We headed north up the trail, which is part of the High Line Trail, for about a half mile before turning east up the ridge line toward the high point.  We gained several hundred feet of altitude through fairly open terrain.   We crossed a couple of rocky bands and then finally topped out on the ridge just a few hundred yards from the obvious high point which consists of a couple of rock spires on the peak of the ridge. 

The mountain is locally known at The Felt Hat.  We reached the high point after an hour of hiking at 11:50 a.m.  After snacks and a celebratory beverage, we began retracing our route back to the jeep which we reached in 40 minutes.  From there we traveled through Egan Basin to Pat Hollow and the site of the January 1953 plane crash that killed 40 people.  The returning Korean War veterans went down in bad weather on their way from Seattle to North Carolina.  From there we returned to the highway at St. Charles and on toward home.